A Plan of my own


   As most of you know I’m knee deep in this Couch to 5k program to make myself a better runner.  I am still really enjoying my runs and have felt myself becoming more confident and stronger going longer distances quicker than in runs before.  I’ve told myself now that since I’ve gone 3 miles at a time I will never go LESS than that (if no other circumstances interfere like weather, or time restrictions)  It has been over 100 degrees here lately so my runs kind of got put on the back burner, I didn’t want to hurt myself by making the choice to run in weather when there were advisories popping up everywhere.  As soon as the weather broke though, I was back out there.  As I have run more and more I’ve discovered patterns to my routine.  I always start off with a quick walk to warm my legs up and stretch out a little bit before I go, but i’ve noticed since the beginning of this that I ALWAYS want to go fast at the start in the first few intervals and then by the end I can barely force myself to finish up the last few intervals.  This wasn’t acceptable to me but I just couldn’t slow myself down, Amy and I went out on a few runs together too and even she tried to start off a slow starting pace which was hard for me to follow.  

 This past week I noticed that at the beginning I wanted to run until I couldn’t run anymore but by the end I couldn’t go more than 30 seconds (Also not acceptable to me)  therefore I needed to come up with a plan to stop these issues from dragging me down by the end of a run.   Mid stride I came up with my own 30-60-90 plan and I’m going to try it out tonight!  Its pretty self explanatory as I plan to run for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds, then 60 then 90 and back to 30.  I figure I’ll try this becuase if I start at only 30 then I can hopefully slow myself down and when I’m up to a 90 second interval then I know if its difficult from going too fast that a 30 second intervall following will slow me down. 

I hope this works!  If not its back to the drawing board. 


So what about you?  Does anyone have any tips for starting off too fast and dragging yourself to finish at the end?


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