The End of the Run was the Awesomest

Yes, I am an English teacher. No, awesomest is not a word. Yes, I used it anyway.

If you read Monday’s post, you heard all about the St. Jude run on Saturday. However, I stopped before I got to what was probably the best part of the day.

The running portion of the day ended (well…almost ended) at around 5:30 when we stopped at a gas station just outside of Peoria to get our yearly St. Jude Run t-shirts. This year’s were red, white, and blue in honor the of upcoming Olympic Games.


Then came the true coolness. All of the runners got together and this point and took the road into Peoria together. We ran a little less than a mile, and, as we approached the Peoria Civic Center, the streets were lined with members of the community to cheer us on. The final stretch was down the street that was lined with all of the other teams from other cities, including St. Louis and Chicago, to cheer us on to the finish. It was so, so cool.

Soon after, the Memphis group, who had been running for about THREE DAYS rolled into town. We cheered and cheered, and then it was time to line up for the parade.

Ashley joined in at this point and was ready to rock and roll.

This portion was a short run into the final celebration, and each team took turns running in together.

Here we are just before our turn to run in. Yes, I know I look pretty rough. At this point, it totally didn’t matter. 🙂

This short run was lined with kids and St. Jude families. We high-fived them as we entered, and there are truly no words to describe just how cool it was. Some of the images from this portion of the day will never leave my memory.

Finally, it was time to celebrate. All the groups were together in the convention center while the telethon proceeded in the center. I have had spaghetti, bread, salad, and cookies on many occasions, but I don’t think they have ever tasted as good as they did on this night. Too bad I didn’t get a picture!

We had a great time catching our breath, chatting with other runners and volunteers, and shopping for St. Jude gear, and, before we knew it, it was time to go home. Before getting in the car, I spotted what had to have been my favorite St. Jude vehicle of the day:

Can’t decide if it reminds me more of Blues Brothers or Ghost Busters…is that weird? : )

Has an amazing day ever made a seemingly ordinary meal kind of extraordinary for you? I will probably never see spaghetti without thinking of this day, haha.


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