5k reservations

As the date of my first 5k approaches I find myself very worried about it. I just do not feel like I’m ready. My body isn’t moving as fast as I want it to in terms of becoming a runner. I’ve lost some motivation after a few bad runs, and I still struggle to figure out how to have my breathing match my pace. So, as it approaches, I find myself feeling reserved about the 5k for the following reasons.

I, however, (it’s Amy in italics today) think that Ashley can do it for sure! So, I thought it would be nice to take a look at some reservations and give another perspective to them. Hopefully this helps people out there who are thinking about running a 5k as well!

1. Amy and I would like to get a big group of people together for this 5k. Most of these people HAVE run a 5k or are runners by nature and enjoy doing it. Yes, I enjoy it too, but I am still in the mindset that I don’t want to slow a whole group of people down because I’m the slow one.

In my experience, runners who offer to run a 5k with a newbie don’t worry about pace. They race for fun. As a runner, I find it really rewarding to help take part in someone else finding enjoyment in something that brings me so much confidence.

Plus, everyone has to start somewhere! Not so very long ago, I was the one slowing down my running buddy, and she, bless her heart, even let me cross the finish line first!


2. I really want to cross the finish line. I know I can get there, but not running more than I walk. I don’t want to be “that” girl who signs up for a 5k run just to step off the course and walk in the grass while everyone blows right by me.

This fear is probably one that everyone has. Once you see the number of people who have to walk, you don’t pay it any mind. Plus, the adrenaline makes you walk a lot less than you might expect.

3. I don’t want to struggle so badly that I give up before the finish line.

I won’t lie; you will struggle. However, running is all about strength, and I don’t mean muscles. Your mind can do powerful things to your body, and you have to believe with all your might that you can do it. Enter, Pinterest quotes. 🙂

(This picture is from tumblr, but I don’t have an account so I can’t link up.)

4. The dreaded cramp I get if I don’t time my breathing to correspond with my pace. I’d also feel awful if i’m the one walking on the side of the road gripping my stomach like once again “that” girl who signed up and can’t do it.

Even if you have to walk across the finish line (which you won’t), you CAN do it.

5. I love my runs, but I’ve disovered lately that I may be best out there on my own, because I only have to answer to myself. Any day it is not too hot, I make sure to go out there and run, so that means that sometimes I go a few days in a row. With a 5k, I’m worried about being a member of the pack and being judged.

All the runners I know do not judge the people who try. People judge those who talk like the can do it but never try. True runners admire those who try, even if all they can do is a mile. Those who run know that, sometimes, that one mile is a bigger success than a marathon ever could be.

I guess those are really my own reservations about running in my first 5k, and I really hope that I can overcome these fears and reservations in the next few weeks before the big race that will lead me to my first finish line!!

These reservations make me think of a post I saw on Tina’s blog today about taking risks. Signing up for my first 5k was a risk of me, as I was terrified of many of these exact same things. Now, I actively seek out the joy that these races give me, especially when I can run with people I care about. Ashley, I know you can do it, but I hope you only choose to do it because it will make you happy. That is all that matters.


5k newbies, what aresome of your reservations?
5k veterans, how did you overcome your reservations?


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