Illusion or Injury?

Hello Everyone, Ashley here!

I will start out by saying that I am pretty sure after reading this blog entry most of you are going to say “illusion” was not the right word to use in the title,  given that info it probably is not but here is the explanation.  A few weeks ago a friend and I went for a run, it was more than I had ever gone before- both length of time running during intervals, and distance so I was tired.  I was discouraging myself thinking I was too tired to continue and even though I got over the pain of pushing myself and did eventually catch my breath without passing out, I was made very aware of my leg and foot muscles.  Still to this day I’m being made aware of it and think I may have my first official injury.

About two weeks ago we got word that our town (Amy and I live in the same town) is holding a 5K run in Amy’s neighborhood, and it would be super silly of us to NOT participate, so I ventured over to Amy’s house the weekend after we found out and we decided to run the course of the 5K.   Part way through,  my body started shutting down, everything hurt and I just really couldn’t even force myself to start running again… I realized then that something may be wrong as the arch of my foot was burning causing my whole leg to tighten up and it just kept moving up my body, getting a cramp while breathing and then even making it hurt to have my eyes wide open.   Blaming it on my serious habit of  not drinking enough water before I push my body like that…. Amy provided me with an article about dehydration, and none of the symptoms I had matched that of dehydration…so I guess i’m properly hydrated but WHY is my body still hurting.

Now comes the argument (with myself) is this fact or fiction; its it all in my head do I need to get past this and keep going, or am I really hurt and should I take some time to heal or figure out if I need to see a doctor.  The weather has finally cooled off here making runs much more enjoyable as it doesn’t feel like its only me and the sun out there.  This week I have chosen to go for long walks with no running involved to hopefully adjust my body back to not pushing itself so hard.  My right ankle swells no matter how intense the work out and no matter what I do to try to stop it.  And now favoring the ankle has caused my calf and knee to give me some more  trouble.

All of this being said, I still can’t even tell you if its illusion or injury but I really hope that it’s just illusion and my body is only adjusting to the weather change and different distances while running.

I’ve purchased arch support inserts for my running shoes, as well as the official “runners” socks.  I feel my next step is going to be wrap up my ankle during runs and my knee all of the time but I really don’t want to have to get to that point.

So runners….tell me

What are some good ways to avoid injury and let my body heal while not getting out of the habit of running?


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