Hello readers!  Due to a very busy schedule for Amy and me not wanting to keep repeating myself with the same stories about running, we’ve taken a blog break.  So finally here is an update and its a big one because this past weekend I did it, I finally laced up my shoes, started my watch and ran, ran my first 5k, meaning I crossed my first finish line.  I crossed the finish line in my goal time, I placed in the top 10 of my age group and I didn’t come in last!

Here is the story.

Exactly 1 week before the 5k date I went out to do my typical run and I just started going, I wasnt out of breath, my body wasnt tired I was still going…still going… and yes still going… I looked at my mileage and I had gone further than ever before so I let the adrenenline I had from that force me to register for this 5k.  So that was done, now the panic started to set in… that was a Sunday.

On the Wednesday after I registered I went out for my normal run once again and about 1 mile into it I got stabbing pains up my left leg.  I blamed it on my shoe so I stopped and retied my shoe.  I started to walk it off and the pain just kept getting worse, I knew I was going to have to stop and go home, so I did… remember that panic I was talking about?  yes by this time it was full force.  I asked Amy what to do, she told me to ice it, so I did just that.  I sat with ice on my leg for most of the evening and it wasnt doing what I had expected it to do.

The next night I went to the official running store where I got my shoes and I asked them what their opinion on what was going on, by this time I had self-diagnosed, myself with shin splints.  The manager at the running store told me there was nothing that could be done and that it may be a pretty smart choice to sit out the race, I wasnt convinced and I wasnt satisifed with that answer anyway.  So I came home, laced up my shoes, grabbed Matt (I told him he had to come with me incase I fell) and went out.  I got about a mile and a half in this time before the pain kicked in, but I just had to see what I could do.    This was Thursday.

So… I had a big decision to make and that was to run or not to run.  I REALLY couldn’t let myself down but I had this huge fear that the pain was going to kick in and I was going to have to sit out and quit in the middle of the race.  I was full of negitive thoughts and I could not get over it.  I couldn’t get past it but I really had to, I had to figure this out so I did.

Saturday:  I picked up my first race packet and saw my first official bib number was number 386.  I was born in 1986 so the 86 was hopefully going to bring good luck.

Top 3 problems with running the 5k

1.  I wasn’t necessarily “ready” to race. But I was confident that I could run/walk the whole thing

2.  I would start running with the rest of the runners and then all of them would pass me and i’d be struggling alone on the     course.

3.  I’d finish last and be totally humiliated.

Amy assured me 1.  who cares if I had to walk a lot of people do.

2.  If you can’t finish, you cant finish but if I had a little confidence i’d finish just fine

3.  I wasnt going to finish last…

So   I’m at the starting line, the 3-2-1 is said, and we start…

I was in the middle of the “pack” for about a quarter mile and then my fear set in,  I slowed down, people were passing me and I suddenly felt somewhat alone,  did a #1 no-no and looked behind me, about 15 to 20 people out of 135 were still behind me… I said out loud “You got this” and I started going again.. then I met my competition, this girl came running up behind me looked me right in the eye and said “this sucks” (pardon the language) and at that point I wasnt at the “sucks” mind set yet so I knew I was going to be able to keep my eye on her and “race” her and I did.


I finally came up to the end and I was getting a little bit sore but my leg was feeling good so I held strong and crossed that finish line.  I knew I could do it but the proof was amazing.



I may do it again some day and try to set a new goal for myself or I may just settle with what i’ve done and know that I didn’t let myself down.



* A few other special things about this race *

Amy scored a PR and first place in her age group.  Way to go Amy!







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