Summer Bucket List

Welcome to our first post on our new blog! We’re glad you’re here! As we have been blogging for the past year, we have noticed out focus begin to change, mostly to running (although this post isn’t really about running…haha). So, we figured we should change the blog along with it.

Back on the old blog, we started the summer with our Summer Bucket List.

Today, I saw a bunch of blogs’ Summer Bucket List, including Janetha’s and Tina’s (yay for some of my favorite blogs!), on the top nine on the daily buzz healthy living.

So, I figured it would be a good time to do a little recap of our summer bucket list so far.

1. Go fishing.
Hasn’t happened yet. Honestly, it’s been so horribly hot here I don’t know how much fun fishing would be lately,

2. Eat a nice dinner outside.
I’ll admit that this one was my idea. I have eaten a couple dinners outside already, but I’m not quite sure what qualifies them as “nice”. So, the jury is still out on this one.

3. Go to the zoo. Check!
The three of us knocked this one off of our list this past weekend on a trip to Milwaukee. Living in the Chicago suburbs, we have always been visitors of Brookfield Zoo. It’s a good one, but we think Milwaukee County Zoo takes the cake. We got face to face, just about literally, with a tiger and saw some lion cubs rough housing. Too cool.


4. Go to a Milwaukee Brewers game. Check!
Checked this one off this weekend as well! It was a great game, with lots of home runs.



5. Tour at least one brewery. Check!
This one was added to the list by the brother in law, and he now has brewery fever. We went to Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee this weekend and had an awesome time. It is a definite must-stop if you are in the Milwaukee area.


6. Have an official picnic.
This entry was Ashley’s, and we thought we had checked it off at lunch at the zoo this weekend. However, as I look back on the original post, we said no tables allowed. So…back to the drawing board on this one.

7. Read on the beach.
I’ve got a beach date with a friend on Thursday, so this one is soon to be checked off.

8. Run a 5k with at least one friend, preferably more.
The race has been chosen. Starting to recruit people today. Yay!

9. Capture summer in a photograph.
Ashley is working on it. This one likely won’t be finalized until the end of the summer when Ashley picks from her electronic folder if greatness. 🙂

Thanks so much for checking out our first post on our new blog!

Before you leave, we want to hear about you. What have you most recently checked off your summer bucket list?